The Savior

The Savior is an anti DUI system to help prevent people from getting into thier car and driving home drunk.

How it works

There is breathalyzer device attatched to the system box, which is intalled into your car. It is used so that when the reading is over .08 it will send a signal to the system box, which will then inturn  send a signal to lock your steering wheel and car wheels. Then the system will send out a message via satallite calling the nearest cab to take you home.

Target Market & Why

Our target Market is people between the age of 21 to 40 who have drinking problems and aknowlegde it, safety conscious people, and police forces. We want people to be able to walk the streets without having to worry about drunk driving. Also we want drinkers to be able to live another day to buy another beer and contribute to our economy. As for the police force we want to aide our police in this war with DUI.